When our founders Rae and Judy teamed up to create the Bizzy Blondes in 1990, they knew they were on to something special. With their combined passion, experience, and vision, they prospered in spite of a challenging environment.

They were pioneers in the industry. By 1994, they developed a ground-breaking team approach unheard of in local real estate at that time. Then they added the position of Buyer Specialist, someone specifically dedicated to the needs of buyers. And they didn't stop there. Rae and Judy continued to expand and innovate, adopting the most modern selling tools and nurturing a new breed of agents specialized in creating the ultimate client experience each and every time.

As a company, we’ve always maintained our cutting edge as we continue to revolutionize the real estate industry. Though we may not all be blonde, we are all driven by our tireless work ethic, unparalleled service, and our desire to elevate the industry as a whole. These fundamentals have given us more than 30 years of success in Los Angeles real estate.

Most importantly, our guiding principles have allowed us to create exceptional relationships with our clients and deliver outstanding results.

Both our company and team are widely recognized for the highest level of service in the industry because we are driven by your needs as our clients.