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When our founders Rae and Judy teamed up to create the Bizzy Blondes in 1990, they knew they were on to something special. With their combined passion, experience, and vision, they prospered in spite of a challenging environment.

They were pioneers in the industry. By 1994, they developed a ground-breaking team approach unheard of in local real estate at that time. Then they added the position of Buyer Specialist, someone specifically dedicated to the needs of buyers. And they didn't stop there. Rae and Judy continued to expand and innovate, adopting the most modern selling tools and nurturing a new breed of agents specialized in creating the ultimate client experience each and every time.

As a company, we’ve always maintained our cutting edge as we continue to revolutionize the real estate industry. Though we may not all be blonde, we are all driven by our tireless work ethic, unparalleled service, and our desire to elevate the industry as a whole. These fundamentals have given us more than 30 years of success in Los Angeles real estate.

Most importantly, our guiding principles have allowed us to create exceptional relationships with our clients and deliver outstanding results.

Both our company and team are widely recognized for the highest level of service in the industry because we are driven by your needs as our clients.




The Bizzy Blondes is an iconic boutique agency with more than 30 years of experience and thousands of homes sold. This means you get the personalized service and care only a smaller agency can offer, while being guided with a level of expertise usually only found at large offices. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Our innovation, determination, and cutting-edge team approach ensure you get the most out of your transaction. Whatever your real estate needs, when you join forces with the Bizzy Blondes, you have a team of experts working on your behalf -- one that is always devoted to your success.

Our Lead Listing Specialist guides sellers every step of the way with the highest level of service in the industry.

We aim to exceed your expectations; we are always thinking outside the box until we reach your goals. Similarly, our Buyer Specialists work closely with buyers to help each one find the perfect property. From consultation to closing, our unmatched experience, dedication, and versatility ensure a successful real estate transaction, as well as the ideal place to call home.

We are forerunners in the real estate industry because we know every client is a V.I.P. Your input is essential to us. We are great listeners, always focused on your needs. Working as your trusted partner in real estate, your Bizzy Blondes team will always keep you well informed. Our success is built upon your success and your referrals. Our personalized touch never goes out of style.


With us you are secure, important, and understood.
That is the Bizzy Blondes experience.

bizzys give back

Our work goes beyond helping each real estate client individually. We care about foundation and giving back to the community. As such, we donate our time and energy to wonderful causes throughout Los Angeles.

Our focus is on helping to strengthen the community. Since every bit counts, our efforts have a direct impact on the people in the neighborhoods we serve. Sponsorship and charity are an extension of our focus on the community. They are also a reflection of our brand values.

We want your kids to be surrounded by the best schools and the best neighborhoods. We know when the schools do better, the community does better. That’s why we are avid supporters of many local schools and various children’s organizations.

We also work closely with business associations and other groups as part of our larger goal: helping to make Los Angeles the best it can be.

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This is our home and our community. 


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To make your experience seamless, we’ve formed long-term relationships with some of the most talented companies in related industries. Whether it is movers, painters, repairmen, flooring specialists, or even the doggie-hotel for your four-legged friend, these vendors offer excellent service and a great value. 

We provide all of our buyers and sellers with the most up-to-date list of these trusted resources.