Nine Top Seller Tips

1. Know your local market: Nothing will affect the outcome of your home sale more directly than its price. In order to determine an appropriate price, you've got to familiarize yourself with the local real estate market. Sellers should do everything they can to understand the pulse of their local market. Working with Bizzy Blondes, we will give you a proper understanding of market conditions. How much are homes in your area selling for? How long are they staying on the market? This is where a real estate agent with experience in your local market can be of enormous help.


2. Price aggressively: Once you've got a handle on local market conditions, it's time to price the property. In so doing, be aware that today's buyers are seeking value. By pricing the house properly, you will get offers quickly and sell for an optimal price.


3. Be prepared to pay a reasonable commission: It’s not how much you pay. It’s how much you keep. The best buyers are usually working with the best agents, and the best agents will be reluctant to show a home with a discounted commission. Be sure every broker in town wants to bring buyers to your listing. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.


4. Take care of major repairs ahead of time: If your home needs plumbing, heating or roof repairs, get them done prior to putting it on the market. When your buyers hire a home inspector and hear about a plumbing leak under the house, they may imagine thousands of dollars in costs when you can possibly do the repair for a few hundred dollars. You can lose a sale over the simplest things after a home inspection.


5. Dress the outside: Would-be buyers won't want to see the inside of your home if the outside isn't appealing. Sellers need to make sure their property projects a warm and inviting feeling. Buyers may make an instant decision to purchase a home based on its perceived condition when they first walk up to the house. Repaint the front door, trim the hedges, and mow the lawn to make a great first impression.


6. Let it shine: Sellers need to be mindful of keeping their home clean and neat throughout the selling process. You only get one chance to make a first impression.


7. Make it bigger inside: Sellers need to make sure the home's interior is immaculately clean and uncluttered whenever it's being shown to potential buyers. Sellers should also remove all family photos from the walls in order to make it easier for buyers to envision themselves living there. At the same time, sellers can make their home appear larger by removing certain pieces of furniture. We at the Bizzy Blondes are experienced in home staging, and we also work with several professional staging experts.


8. Be flexible: In understanding the current market dynamics, sellers should be prepared to entertain all bids—even those they consider too low— as many buyers might start low in the offering process. Remember, it’s not about where the offer starts. It’s about where it ends. Respond to all offers.


9. Be professional: Although it can be difficult to do, property owners should remember that above all, selling one's home is a business transaction. Some sellers will tell us, "I know your analysis is lower, but this is my house, and my house is special.” Unfortunately, every seller has that feeling. Sellers need to do their best to emotionally detach themselves from the property.

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