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Eight Cool Tips for Buying Your Dream Home Today

So you’ve finally decided to buy your next home. The problem is that while you were making your decisions, others jumped into the real estate market, too. Now you may be facing some competition for the best properties.

Just because there are other buyers in the market doesn’t mean you can’t secure your dream home. To be a successful buyer in today’s real estate market, though, you will need some help.

Your should first acquaint yourself with a few insider tips. As experienced real estate professionals, we Bizzy Blondes have many ways to help you secure the perfect place to call home. The following proven tips will increase your market savvy and sharpen your competitive position. Then you’ll be ready to act quickly the when you see your dream home.

1.     Get Pre-Approved.

·       Get pre-approved for a mortgage loan right away. This entails a mini-application process (paperwork, credit check, etc.). Note that pre-approval is more effective than pre-qualification, which only gives you a rough idea of the amount a lender will lend you – assuming no issues in the credit and income-checking process. When you are pre-approved, your finances are certain, which is desirable to any seller. You have a significant advantage over another buyer whose financing is uncertain.

2.     Beat The Competition To New Listings.

·       Once we know your specific price range and tastes, we can keep you abreast of new listings. We’ll contact you about properties that meet your criteria as they become available. When possible, we’ll put you ahead of other buyers and on the inside track before the new listings are advertised or held open. Timing can be everything.

3.     Do Your Research.

·       Make yourself a value expert by researching local properties for price points, listing-to-sales price ratios, hottest areas, and best places for a bargain. Once you know what your money will buy, our Buyer Specialists will add the latest data on what comparable properties sell for in specific neighborhoods and what features influence price. Together we’ll guarantee you the best price and terms.

4.     We Can Present Your Offer In Person.

·       Nobody wants their offer to languish in the listing agent’s office while other buyers are submitting offers. When the situation calls for that personal touch, you’ll gain an advantage by having us present your offer in person. Plus, we may pick up critical information on possible competing offers.

5.     Prove You Mean Business.

·       There are few better ways to show you are serious about buying a property than including a good faith deposit along with your offer. A competitive deposit could be as much as 5% of your bid price, which will be sure to gets the seller’s attention.

6.     Keep It Simple and Clean.

      Make sure your contract isn’t messy or overly cluttered with unnecessary contingencies, especially repairs. Keep contingencies to a minimum. Better yet, offer to be helpful. Simple examples include ordering an inspection in 48 hours or being willing to take care of any required local certificates such as smoke detectors or water safety. Be flexible. A buyer who will accommodate a seller’s needs is a smart buyer.

7.     Enlist the Help of a Team.

·       When you work with the Bizzy Blondes, you have our whole team behind you, as opposed to just one single agent. What you need most in today’s market is experienced professional guidance. As your seasoned real estate specialists, we can help you get pre-approved, find the ideal property, and negotiate the best deal on your next home no matter what the competition. Call us today. 

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