Laci RAE Buller

Team Leader & Listing Specialist

I have worn many hats in my career: business owner, manager and salesperson; all of which I enjoy, but motivating people is something that I am extremely passionate about. I love finding unique ways to get the best results from a team by leveraging each person’s strengths, as well as helping them find ways to improve on their weaknesses.

I understand that each person is motivated differently so I am able to spend the time with each team member finding ways to inspire and push each team member towards hitting their goals. I feel this helps to get the very best from teams that I manage plus, I feel this leads to positive collaboration, which creates powerful and more profitable teams.

I have spent the majority of my career working for Keller Williams Realty in Phoenix, Arizona. From 2005 to 2010, I was an Agent Leadership Council Member and was awarded the W14C2Ts award both locally and nationally by CEO, Mo Anderson for exemplifying Keller Williams’s culture and going above and beyond regular duties to get desired results for my clients. I was a multi-million dollar producer and regular “capping” agent each year throughout my career at Keller Williams and had been featured on discussion panels with other top-producing Realtors throughout the Phoenix Valley.

I have BIG ideas…Lots of people have BIG ideas. Execution is what matters and I execute!

I don’t care who gets credit; I just want the team to win.
I am the calm one that runs to fires.

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