Adam was a partner managing talent for over 15 years. Being able to draw on a large rolodex of celebrity clientele he created a company to partner with nightclubs and casinos in creating/ managing celebrity events. He would hone a concept then leverage personal relationships to find cost-effective ways to enhance branding and create "relevance in the market place."

Adam also has a huge passion for community service and urban planning
which eventually led him to the real estate business.

He became the organizer and Director of "Grass Roots Organization for Urban Progress".
This is a continuous passion project that involves; training/coaching/motivating community empowerment and mentorships. Engaging with local residents, nonprofits, and governmental agencies to address equity concerns in the face of neighborhood change and confronting issues of gentrification. 

Adam's transition into the real estate business was motivated by a desire to make sure all homeowners were treated fairly and to protect them against investors who prey on their vulnerability and offer buyouts that don’t reflect the value of their assets.


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